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Amongst the plethora of anti-islamic garbage that is posted regularly on the internet, there is one, apparently ‘forward thinking’ & ‘supposed’ islamic site hiding behind a mist of ‘self-conjured & despicable controversy’.

A group of six freedom-minded, anti-islamic, self-proclaimed bigot’s that thrive on speculation, accusation and defamation. six unruly pro jewish radicals that are obsessively pushing their virulently racist, distorted and decontextualised agenda along the internet. Hypocrits that are at the pinnacle of their game, some writing as broadsheet columnists influencing majority opinion whilst others posting obscene, unjust, unethical and inciteful comments on a website devoted to encouraging debate of such preposterous proportions that cannot be proposed officially through public channels due to the illicit content involved. Just when on one end of the spectrum, different segments of the Muslim world are undergoing a ‘brutal seizure’ through wave after wave of oppressive attacks, on the other end, these guys choose to regularly bite huge chunks out of the same Ummah through their hypocrisy and lies. So who are these infamous six?

Houriya Ahmed (who has always been ‘in bed with the wrong party’ or who has been long ‘sleeping with the enemy’ – the Centre for Social Cohesion and a writer for the Guardian)


Faisal Gazi (the turd with a smile that also writes for the Guardian)


Bananabrain (the self-destructive IDF (Israeli Defence Force) Wannabe)


Shikwa (fair to say that this guys passionately a Wuslim and has become extremely gay since his Mrs left the picture)


Yossarian (who feels that ‘levitating in delusion is better than the high’s that you feel when taking drugs’)


Zorro (the reserved masked midget)

This cocktail of rather bizarre coconuts are back for another dig.

Yes, you guessed it folks, we’re ‘Spittoon bashing’ again, and rightfully so, over the past few weeks, these ‘hate filled hypocrits’ have written about all sorts of things;

  • Muslim women being given the right to wear what they choose rather than enforce Hijab on them
  • The review of Islamic Sharee’ah to accommodate Muslim homosexuals.
  • Slighting Hizbut Tahrir and their annual conferences
  • Writing against those that are speaking out against the governments plans to teach Sex Education to 5 year olds
  • Writing against Press TV
  • Fighting against the palestinian cause
  • Writing against the Taliban in Afghanistan and calling them ‘Child Abusers’

And the list just grows with each day that passes by.

Yet nothing tops the filth of one of their most recent stunts:

Writing against the visit to the UK of the world reknown Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais (Source: http://www.spittoon.org/archives/2061).

This has really got our blood boiling. How can these people write such filth and call themselves Muslims at the same time.

They criticize Shaykh Sudais heavily on their site and at the same time they’re perfectly happy to stand behind him in Salaah in the Grand Mosque in the hope that their Hajj will be accepted by Almighty Allah. Their jewish tactics go way beyond mere criticism. On their site they show a picture of Shaykh Sudais sat with the Saudi Ambassador to the UK with the words flowing beneath “overpaid, overfed and over here”.


I think the same & more can be said alongside a picture of Faisal Gazi. Much like the nature of the ‘Decepticons’ (the villanous bots from transformers), the editors of the Spittoon seek to capitalize and exploit Muslim weaknessess by intercepting them and barking about them at every turn, in most cases ‘making a mountain out of a molehill’.

There is no doubt in our minds that at some point, after skimming through this article, the links given above will cease to function; Just like they did previously, the chaps at the Spittoon will delete or hide certain articles in a sly and pathetic but desperate attempt to protect & defend their integrity.

Brothers and Sisters, the next time when you’re standing for Tahajjud prayers late at night, and when you’re sat, spreading your hands in humility in Du’aa, asking the Almighty for protection against fitnah, ask him also to thoroughly wreak havoc on and destroy http://www.spittoon.org, its inhabitants and it’s regular followers. These guys need to be exposed for what they truly are and their work needs to be boycotted and protested against. They are a group of ‘misfits’ that are intently set on damaging Islam, trying to re-flavour and corrupt the religion and re-present it before the world as a more acceptable faith. We get emails all the time here, condemning the spittoon, what they stand for and how they dupe the Muslims. We, at the intellectual Muslim are going to be pounding ‘Spittoon’ with wave after wave of justified persecution over the next couple of months. They deserve it for terrorising Muslims unjustly around the world. We’re glad to see that many people (both Muslims and Non-Muslims) in the name of ‘free speech’ are now standing up alongside us and condemning this new fitnah. We need facebook groups, twitter feeds and all other conceivable approaches set up to confront this menace.

This is only the beginning, the Quilliam Foundation, the Centre for Social Cohesion, Democratiya and all you other mischief makers out there, we’re coming for ya!