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Following our last post based on the email that was communicated to the group Islam4UK, we have received a flood of emails from concerned brothers and sisters from around the UK. Based on the communications we have been receiving, we can say that anyone could very easily misinterpret the part of the message of our email due to the way some points had been worded. Recognizing this fact, another email has been sent to the Islam4UK group to diffuse any tensions that would have arised from the 1st communication.

The email follows below:

Dear Webmasters of the website:

Assalaamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh – May the Peace and Blessings of Almighty Allah be upon you.

I have been reviewing my last email that was communicated to your group and I have concluded that anyone reading the email could very easily misinterpret parts of the message due to the way some points had been worded. Recognizing this fact, I am sending this email to help diffuse any tensions that would have arised from the 1st communication.

I would like to point out that the content of the email was nothing more than advice given to the webmasters and leaders of the group, and was not in any way intentionally written to portray the group as fanatics or extremists. I briefly mentioned the notoriety of Omar Bakri in the email. I am not saying anything against Omar Bakri.

By this point I meant that due to the Tabloid filth that had already been published and circulated previously, together with the take on issues by the main broadasheet newspapers, anyone seen to be alligning their views towards siding with Omar Bakri’s talks would automatically fall prey to being labelled by the majority as a crackpot or lunatic. And so by including such a figure in the promotion of their work to the British people they would no doubt alienate many and the group would lose any credibility it had left. The email was not written to backbite against any individual.

The pictures of Trafalgar square and Nelson’s column were unneccesary. I’m sure that you can appreciate what the public reaction would be immediately after viewing such material and that would be advanced by further chaos and unrest. However, I do support you with your writings conveying how life in Britain would change with shariah implemented. Such pieces are highly valuable as resources for Dawaah work to continue and whilst at present the effort to publishes such pieces is underway, more detail is needed to win over both Muslims and non-Muslims.

The email that was sent was in no way obstructing the implementation of Shariah Law as what can be more better than to live by the wisdom of the divine laws of the Almighty for the welfare of all individuals?

The communication was however, questioning the timing of this call to Shariah, amidst the current issues engulfing the Muslims of Britain. The email aimed to point out that certain logical conditions had to be fulfilled before establishing and implementing Shariah over the earth.

This was my view and although I am no scholar, I am a practicing Muslim, (British born) that sees the only logical way of deriving an increase to Islam in the UK is by Daa’wah and making use of existing legal mechanisms and by our rights as individuals given to us by the state.
I may be wrong with this approach and I ask those with more knowledge to enlighten me & point me in the right direction if you see shortfalls in my argument.

I would also like to say that the previous post was in no way, shape or form an attack on Anjem Choudary. If the webmasters of the Islam4UK group and/or Anjem Choudary have any reason to believe that the email was offensive and hurtful then I extend my sincere apologies to them and ask for forgiveness in an attempt to consolidate any ill feeling.

Despite what the ‘media machine’ has to say about him, Brother Anjem speaks good english through his talks. He is highly qualified in Islamic matters and conveys a very honest outlook, he seems like a very decent person, working solely for the pleasure of Allah. Brother Anjem seems to have a lot of care and concern for the safety, protection and fulfillment of rights for his fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, he appears to be intouch with the problems of the time, problems that are affecting the youth of today, and more importantly, he seems to be actively engaging the population in Daa’wah work. His approach may appear to be a little direct and confrontational, but I don’t think this is his aim. His heart seems to be in the right place and his efforts appear to be far more that what each of us is doing at the moment.

Jazakallahu Khair


p.s. a copy of this email has been posted on ‘’

Many of you will be aware that the group Islam4UK has ­announced plans to hold a potentially ­incendiary rally in London later this month. And it is calling for a complete upheaval of the British legal system, its officials and ­legislation. Members have urged Muslims from all over Britain to converge on the capital on October 31 for a procession to demand the full implementation of sharia law.

We have sent an email to the group asking its leadership to re-evaluate their whole approach as they risk sparking explosive civil unrest and increased difficulties for British Muslims.

The email follows below:

Dear Webmasters of the website:

Assalaamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh – May the Peace and Blessings of Almighty Allah be upon you.

I have been carefully browsing your website and whilst your intentions to propagate Shariah Law into mainstream British Culture are admirable, I’m not quite sure that you fully understand the devastating repurcussions and consequences of your proposed march/demonstration on 31st October. I am very concerned to say the least.

The pictures that you have used on your website to demonstrate the aims of your group are doing nothing more than helping spread unneccesary hatred of the Islamic faith. Adding to that, the notorious reputation of one of the scholars whose talks that you promote on your site (Omar Bhakri) doesn’t grant you further credibility. Muslims up and down the country are already facing waves of continuous persecution and unjust oppression by right wing groups like the BNP and the EDL. Surely your activities will only serve to widen the divide between the Muslims and the Non-Muslims and will propel the advancement of forthcoming civil unrest, rapidly moving towards an age of intolerance and war.

What will be the difference between the Muslims and those groups? Both sides will be looked down upon as snakes sharing the same venom!

Whilst there naturally exists an urge or a desire within every Muslim of convincing non-Muslims around them to embrace the Islamic faith. This innocent motive does not warrant the forceful establishment of an Islamic State/Republic in the United Kingdom governed solely by Shariah Law.

I’m sure that you understand that there are pre-requisites and certain conditions need to be fulfilled before such work goes ahead. Primarily, there needs to be a sizeable Muslim majority of practicing Muslims that require greater integration and that sizeable majority would be the next step to moving towards or securing an Islamic framework or governance (based on a sizeable need or demand). There also needs to be a Caliph or leader for the Muslims and at present the Muslims are scattered under many different banners (to place it mildly).

If you look up and down the British Isles, Alhumdulillah the Muslims have approximately 1600 Masjids and Islamic Centres together with a massive Muslim population of Approximately 2.7 million individuals. And even though the rate of our growth has advanced due to a decline in the spread of Christianity and Judaism, we as a people and as a religious ethnicity are still a meagre minority, standing at just over 4% of the British population.

We are a tiny vessel sailing through an ocean of agnostics, atheists, materialists and secularists. Allah-forbid, but this vessel can easily be capsized, drowning each and everyone of its passengers.
A small minority of 4% are not in any position to demand anything like an upheaval of UK Legislation in favour of Shariah Law and be listened to.

For many thousands of years people’s of all ethnicities, backgrounds, races and creeds have co-existed without exploiting sectarian differences and differences of belief. Muslim generations that had chosen to emmigrate to this country did so out of choice knowing full well the burdens the burdens that they will have to undertake. They were fortunate enough to be granted a permit to stay, they later became citizens, married, had children, contributed to the running of the country, paid the taxes and voted etc.

Overtime we have seen an evolution of rights and freedoms that had been extended to us, that now, our generation often seem to take for granted. We have been recognised as equals, we have been extended/given the same priveledges as everyone else and over the ages we have each become a valuable piece of this country, a national, this has become our home. We have been living in peace, asked to obey the rules and carry on doing what we have been doing and what we choose to do. And as I’m sure that you’re aware breaking that peace is against Islamic practice:

Allah has forbidden treachery and has condemned those who do it. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):
“They are those with whom you made a covenant, but they break their covenant every time and they do not fear Allah”

(Source: al-Anfaal 8:56)

And the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Every betrayer will have a banner on the Day of Resurrection, by which he will be known.”

(Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 6966; Muslim, 1736)

Sure, we have been plagued with turbulent times where we’ve seen our economy rise and then fall into recession, our anger has grown with the way our leaders have ignored our requests to pull away and out of unneeded involvement in foreign wars, our loyalties have been tested with government after governement being dogged in sleaze, corruption and unaccountability. Sure there is fitnah everywhere we turn. Sure, there is usury, there is perverse exposure, there is alcohol, there is homosexuality and all the other evil activities of a Godless environment that don’t fit in with our faith but these negative hits on our lives do not warrant the hostilities that you’re happily driving forward.

Ask yourselves how can a Muslim minority of 4% overturn such a big majority peacefully?

The answer lies in engagement and not action as you may think. There is no Us Vs Them scenario as your minds have been led to believe.

We need to engage the public with our Daawah, (and no, this isn’t an instant solution, it may take many many years, the movement may pass from us to our children and from them to their children, but we can be sure that atleast we’re utilizing legal measures to make a lasting positive difference in the best interests of everyone) we need to engage with the public at the political level as this is where we have an opportunity to use the tools of the british system to our advantage and put across the beauty of the deen with the practices and policies that we adapt. As British Citizens, we are fortunate that we have certain rights that we have been granted from birth. We can create a political party, we can stand for election democratically and keep on campaigning for support. There are mechanisms such as these in place for concerned Muslims to exhaust. At present our political arena is tainted with sleaze allegations, corruption and unaccountability.

Governments should realize that they are not investment companies, whose main concern is making a profit from their citizens. Rather their main role is to serve their citizens, make things easier for them, and be kind towards them.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) prayed: “O Allaah, whoever is put in charge of any of the affairs of my ummah and treats them harshly, treat him harshly, and whoever is put in charge of any of the affairs of my ummah and treats them kindly, treat him kindly.”

(Source: Narrated by Muslim, 1828)

These officials should realize that tomorrow they will be standing before Allaah and accounting for their deeds, being rewarded or punished for them. Each ruler, official and minister will be asked about all of those who were under their authority: “Each of you is a shepherd and each of you is responsible for his flock…”

May Allaah be pleased with ‘Umar, for he used to say: “If a mule stumbles in Iraq (which was on the edge of the Islamic state at that time), Allaah will ask me on the Day of Resurrection, ‘Why did you not maintain the road for it, O ‘Umar?’”

The questioning on the Day of Resurrection will be to such an extent, even about animals – so how about the thousands and millions of people who are subjected to oppression and wrongful treatment?

Nations become strong when justice prevails, and nations decline because of injustice.

Hence it was said that Allaah supports just nations even if they are kaafirs, and He does not support unjust nations even if they are Muslims. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “No sin brings a swifter punishment than injustice and severing the ties of kinship.” The unjust person will be punished in this world even if he is forgiven and granted mercy in the Hereafter. That is because justice is the foundation of all things. If a thing is based on justice it will endure, even if its founder has no share in the Hereafter. If it is not based on justice then it will not endure, even if its founder has faith for which he will be rewarded in the Hereafter.

(Source: Majmoo’ al-Fataawa by Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah, 28/146)

A political avenue exists and there is still enough room for a totally committed and dedicated Islamic group to enter the political race and broadcast their aims and objectives for all to see. We can realistically pool together and convince the people that we are striving to work in their interests to save them and ourselves from the tyranny of the oppresive systems that are prevalent and dominant within our societies. Our focus should be on winning them over holistically so that they elect us with full confidence, and so that we have unanimous support and growth in our numbers, because indeed our strength lies in our numbers.

Right now, by invoking Shariah Law on the whole of the UK you are both demonizing Muslims and alienating non-Muslims in one foul swoop, by forcing everyone to abide by your maxims. At present, I feel that you are ‘trying to walk before you can crawl’.
We have a democracy and I suggest that you use it before being dismissed by Muslims and those outside the fold of Islam as extremists and religious wacko’s that deserve to be locked up.

The Muslims of today do not have a substantial majority, nor do they have any significant resource and niether do they have the support of the Ulama as you point out in one of your articles. In such catastrophic times, the Muslim community needs to tread wisely and be productive rather than collectively enjoin in intolerant and counter productive activities that will only intimidate non-Muslims further.

Your renewed focus should be on:

1). Spreading Islam through peaceful means to non-Muslims, educating them and empowering them peacefully to support our cause.

2). Uniting the existing Muslim factions and sects (strengthening our brotherhood, this in turn will help promote solidarity and will ‘pull in the crowd’), We may boast that the Muslims have 2.7 million Muslims and approximately 1600 Masjids and Islamic centres up and down the country. But we know the truth of the matter, our Islamic presence is nothing more than 4% and add to that the irony of those 1600 establishments accomodating a mismatch of sects and intolerant attitudes towards one another. We need to strengthen our own communities first before spoon feeding Islam to the masses.

3). Setting up an active political party to engage with the public and provide adequate Muslim representation, engaging with existing politicians and the public to re-evaluate the framework that governs us.

4). Once we have a good enough majority it would seem appropriate to call for or invoke change.

I sincerely ask you to rethink and re-evaluate your strategy.

May Almighty Allah guide you towards the truth and may he guide me along the right path also.



p.s. a copy of this email will be appearing on ‘’ to warn our readers to think twice before participating in such direct and inappropriate action that is going to stir up nothing but trouble for the wider Muslim community of the UK.

Since 9/11 many people have come forward offering various conspiracy theories for the tragedy but none have managed to capture our imagination in quite the same way as Professor Niel Harrit.

For those of you who are new to this name: Professor Niels Harrit is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen. In the following first two clips he is being interviewed by Russia Today about his discovery of nano-thermite in the rubble of the WTC and his view (proven by scientific research) that the World Trade Centre towers were deliberately demolished professionally by higher powers/the elite.

You need to listen to what he says about Tower 7 and then focus on the video screen below delivering the short film ‘Loose Change’ which everyone needs to see.

Part 1

[Approximate reading time: 21 Minutes – Includes viewing the clips]

We briefly interrupt our break from postings within Ramadhan to bring you the following post (originally published on the ‘Different Perspective website’ at

There’s no denying the popularity of the following video on Youtube, which has been viewed over 10 million times and paints a depressing and “terrifying” picture of Muslims dominating the World in just a matter of decades.

The reality, as it turns out, is something else and thanks to this article on the BBC we can see through the lies being perpeatuated through such videos whose sole purpose is to scare people, create fear and, as a by product, encourage hatred of Muslims.

Help spread the word that this video is a big fat lie and will only fuel Islamophobia.

End of Post.

Our Comments

The BBC have put together their own ‘response piece’ that seeks to expose the large scale fabrication of the figures reported in the slick presentation.

The fact that 10 million+ people have viewed the video demonstrates that there is a growing flux of Western Islamophobia or a variation of that phobia that is manifesting itself, in its transition from thought to action – leading to a progressively inevitable eventuality – War!

On the flipside, the BBC response downplays the significance of the growing possibility of a Europe dominated by Muslims. Such a ‘statistical’ approach undermines the progress of the growth of Islam in the west. Its falls nothing short of formalizing its findings through the official level to downplay what is in actual fact a worldwide phenomenon that will always be opposed by the ‘gospel bashing, born again’ christians that live amongst us today.

What do you think about the above videos?

Send us your comments . . . .

The IM Blog will be taking a break from posting for the next few weeks so that both writers and moderators can spend more time concentrating their positive energies on Ibaadah and worship during the month of Ramadhan. We pray that our viewers will do the same.

During the fasting period, its very easy for one to get consumed with all the distractions that the internet accomodates and as one gets more and more into the material that is being viewed, hours seem to fly by without much effort and so time is wasted on unproductive activity, when that time could have otherwise been utilized for securing our hereafter.

We ask you to make the most of Ramadhan. This month only comes once a year and who knows whether this will be our last Ramadhan that is spent in this world? My posts are certainly not more important than the month of Ramadhan itself and thus its logical to take a break and distance oneself from all worldly pursuits in an attempt to make full use of this opportunity that Allah has promised for all believers during this month.

Please feel free to continue to visit us and read previous posts, or to contribute to the comments threads, to forward any suggestions or to post reviews. All comments will be moderated and all emails will continue to be answered within the normal 5 working day timescales and guest posts will still be open for publishing following content approval.

The following is a short guest post that we have received from Sister Umm Rooman, UK about Ramadhan.

5 days of Ramadhan have almost past and what have we accomplished?

The month of Ramadhan is supposed to be a month of piety and tranquility.

For the majority of us that have not yet attached ourselves to pursuing a more spritual and worldless life, Ramadhan is an opportunity to grasp at our hereafter, and in doing so make a firm intentional commitment to leaving the material world behind, improving our devotion and practice of Islam for the better. The common Muslim man & woman move out of Islamic hibernation mode and into an ‘auto-pilot’ trance as though every ill act that goes against their worship must be discarded from their lives. Alhumdulillah, for the man, out sprouts the beard, out of his wardrobe comes the ivory coloured thobe in preference over his jeans and t-shirts, trouser legs are firmly folded & raised above the ankles, and he picks up the dusty Qur’an or Mushaf from the top shelf at his home with an awakened desire to read every day. For the woman, Alhumdullillah, she looses her makeup, on her head appears a Hijab, she begins to wear very modest clothing, covering up herself to the best of her ability and for both men and women, they proceed through the month trying to avoid eye contact, trying to partake in worship as best as they can for one whole month . . . .

And then?

The majority of Muslims go back to living as they were.

One thing that doesn’t get any better and seems to be getting worse is that year on year we move through the month of Sha’baan preparing for the coming month with even more zeal than the non-believers that actively prepare for christmas day. Shop tills are busy ringing, posters hailing cheap food prices for ramadhan have made their way from the windows of small Muslim outlets to the shelves of the larger supermarkets that wish to push their way through capturing a piece of the market. Exploiting Ramadhan has become big business. So much so that that just like the non-believers we are beginning to see Eid-ul-Fitr countdown calendars appear in the shops (just like the christian advent calendars holding a chocolate treat for each day), we’re beginning to see ‘Ramadhan Mubarak’ cards and ‘Eid Mubarak’ Cards. Our high demand for food stuffs in preparing for Ramadhan have pushed big multi-million dollar businesses to step into the playing field and throw more innovative ‘must haves’ at us.

For contemporary Muslims, Iftar has now become a party or a feast to look forward to with a variety of different dishes cooked especially throughout the day for the family. The conversation topic for Iftar is now about how Mum’s kebabs and samosa’s have turned out so nice, whats gone in to the milkshake to give it that refreshing punch and frequent comments about looking forward to the kheer for dessert. The focus has shifted from a month of worship to a month of gluttony or over-indulgence. Just as a thought, when you break your fast tonight, just compare your Iftar meal to the meal of those poor Muslims on the other side of the planet, who break their fast with a piece of dried bread and some oil or some Hoummous and a few dates, and yet they are more than grateful for the favours that have been bestowed upon them. By eating our lavish meals at home, and reclining in our sofas, ask yourself, what of your gratitude to the creator, when was the last time you thanked him for all that he bestowed on you rather than ask him for all that he can give you?

The blessed month of Ramadhan will eventually disappear, but this doesn’t mean the blessings will too.
Being a Muslim is a blessing in itself that we’re all taking for granted.
We need to propel the advancement of our worship that is manifested in Ramadhan.
We need to keep alive our desire to remain awake and pursue the pleasure of the Almighty,
We need to stop going into hibernation as soon as Ramadhan comes to an end.

The following is a short clip which may place in to context the message I’m trying to convey: